NL022 Dual-Mode Printer Controller

Printer Controller for 58mm and 80mm thermal print heads

The tiny NL022 is part of a new generation of powerful ARM based multi-head 58mm and 80mm thermal printer controllers designed and supplied by Norden Logic. The controllers shine with their tiny size, huge RAM and Flash memory, support for a wide range of input voltage, real-time head temperature control, real-time paper-out monitor, custom fonts, user definable flash storage and a big selection of built-in language fonts. The NL022 can be switched between 58mm and 80mm print head support. NL022 is designed following printer head manufacturer’s strobe control line specifications, for long print head life, faster heating time, clear print and reduced print current. The NL022 uses the industry standard ESC/POS control commands. The initial release of the NL022 supports directly 8-bit, UTF8 and UTF16 characters as well as Chinese and Japanese, 170 languages and many more.

Package size: 22.5 x 15.5 x 2.5mm

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