LTP02-245 EVK

NL022 evaluation board for Seiko LTP02-245 or compatible print heads

Our EVK board is designed so as to test both the LTP02-245-13 (7.2V) print head and the LTP02-245-C1 4.2V head. The type of head connected can be set in flash in the controller via ESC/POS command or using our Printerevk Test software.


Parts required to use the EVK board:
  • Power supply between 7.2V and 12V supporting a minimum of 6Amp of current
  • Serial Dongle PC: USB-to-TTL e.g. based on FTDI232 OR CP2102 *NOT RS232
  • Seiko LTP02-245-C1 (4.2V) Low Voltage 58mm print head
  • Seiko LTP02-245-13 (7.2V) 58mm print head
  • Alternative PRT PT48D or WinsPu TP2VX or compatible
  • Seiko recommended high quality 58mm thermal paper roll


PDF Brochure